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Kickstart Your Bank Account Onboarding Process with Our Free Pre-Built Template 

Fill in the data and download the template for free. 

This ready-made process will save you at least two months of Process Analysis and Mapping. And the best part: you can download it for free! 

The model is perfect for financial and banking organizations, and it’s already in the BPMN 2.0 standard – you can automate it and transform it into a truly automated system! It even includes all KYC (Know Your Customer) steps. In other words: a complete process ready for you to implement in your business. 


How does this process work? 

Watch this video in which Raimundo Junior (Senior BPM and Solutions Architect)

explains in detail how the process works. 


Who created this template? 

NTConsult is a US headquartered nearshore hyperautomation and software development company. Our 20 years of experience throughout North and South America has made us highly regarded as a leader in many industries, with a focus on banking and financial organizations. We are the only company to achieve the Camunda Platinum Partner seal in both Latin and North America. 

Our team members (who are fluent in English) work in your time zone at very competitive rates. With ready to go teams, we can augment or kick off your project almost immediately. We can work through staff augmentation or project-based (or whatever works for you).  

We value your time; a quick call is enough for us to understand your pain points. Let's talk about your needs and see if we can help you achieve your goals. 


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digital transformation journeys


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What are the benefits of downloading this template? 

Designing such a process in a financial organization takes around two months of analysis and mapping. Here, you find it ready to be automated – and for free! We are making this template available to help companies that need a robust and, at the same time, agile process that works correctly and can be automated. We are specialists in process orchestration and automation, helping the digital transformation of organizations in 8 countries, with great emphasis on the financial and banking industries. We are always available to help your company accelerate business results. 


How important is KYC for this process? 

The Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines are part of regulations that require professionals to verify the identity, suitability, and risks involved with maintaining a business relationship with a customer. It's vital for financial services and must be done in the most secure and agile way. 

Frequently asked questions



In what format is the process? 

The template is in BPMN 2.0 format. It is a worldwide process modeling format, compatible with various modeling and automation tools such as Bizagi, Heflo and Camunda. We recommend downloading Camunda Modeler to work on the diagrams.


Can I modify the diagrams easily? 

Yes, once you download Camunda Modeler, you can make changes to the diagrams.


Is the process ready to be automated? 

Yes, but to automate it, you must know process automation with Camunda. If you don't have that kind of expertise, don't worry. You can contact us to help you with this step. 

What our clients say about us


John Zagarella
Sr Solutions Development Manager, 24 Hour Fitness 

"When we decided to make some significant changes to our enterprise integration platform, and needed to augment our team to get the work done in the required timeframe, we interviewed multiple vendors to find one that could support the development efforts and had the technical expertise we needed. NTConsult was our top pick and they proved to be the right choice. The management team was knowledgeable and professional, easy to work with and flexible with our needs/requirements. Overall, a very successful partnership. 


Patrick Ward
Director, Software Engineering, MedImpact

“Being located in San Diego, CA (Pacific Time) is challenging to work with most Asian based partners, but working with your engineers who were based in Brazil and Mexico made it very easy. We really appreciated that your engineers would shift their working hours so that there was maximum overlap with Pacific Time business hours. Not only could the team members participate in all of our Agile ceremoniesa nd interact directly with our business team. It was very common for the NT Consultants to give the demonstrations during the Agile sprint reviews and have positive interactive dialogue with the participants ensuring that the features would satisfy the new user needs.