Providing talented software developers in your time zone, accessible pricing and English fluency. 

Speed up software development and augment your teams with high-performance developers who are ready to start right away on all of your project.  


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NTConsult Nearshoring

We are a global tech company, recognized in several countries for boosting businesses in a variety of sectors. Our international operation enhances our ability to deliver customized solutions with cutting-edge technology. 

Throughout our 19-year history, we have developed a framework focused on the agile delivery of teams with talented IT professionals with diverse talents who are managed by experts. This framework, Agile Sourcing, ensures the ROI of digital products which generates a competitive advantage and accelerates results. 

With our Latin America based professionals, we can offer competitive pricing compared to the North American market which ensures teams working in your times zone, real time communication and English fluency.  

Our Differential 

NTConsult delivers developers of talented software specialists and a competitive pricing compared to the North American’s market ensuring: 

• Time zone compatibility & real-time communication

• Quick delivery of high-performance software experts on demand

• Pools with talented software developers, software architects, software engineers and many other positions ready to start on your projects
• Competitive pricing & keeping high quality standards

• High ROI in technology projects

• Security: NTConsult is globally known for highly successful projects

• Cultural closeness & English fluency

• High standards of quality in deliverables


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Agile Sourcing

Agile Sourcing is the framework developed by NTConsult to accelerate results through technology, ensuring low turnover and greater agility in both hiring and team management which leads to higher quality deliverables. Through this outsourcing service focused on your specialization, your company can leverage the use of technology and achieve your strategic goals.  

NTConsult Agile Sourcing

Start – kickoff your project right away
•Agility in hiring talent for your project;​
• Fast allocation of high-performance professionals through a focused selection process carried out by experts in the software market.

Performance​ – Management as a solution 

•Managers specialized in your specialization;
• Talents highly engaged in your goals;
• Turnover below market average;​
• High productivity resulting in agility in the delivery of digital products;
• High quality and assertiveness of the products delivered.

Support​ – Customized and direct service ​  
• Agile and personalized support for your business.
• Access to the direct contact line and without bureaucracy. 

Traditional Outsourcing 


• Generic recruitment, resulting in piles of resumes without proper qualifications.

• Allocation of poorly engaged professionals with high turnover rates.

• Little or no management, leaving the client the responsibility to manage the project closely.

• Inefficient support, leading to a slow process in solving urgent problems.

Benefits of choosing nearshore software development over offshore 

What we see today is that those organizations who hired an offshore IT service are gradually shifting their staff and hiring companies that offer talent teams based in Latin America. In the end, it is important to consider quality-cost tradeoffs. Offshore IT firms offer low price in a scale that no one else can, but as rates decline, quality can drop off exponentially. We see this dynamic many times as clients come to us for help, telling stories about the problems they have had with offshore companies. 

In addition to higher levels of English proficiency, greater cultural closeness and real time communication, the most important point that needs to be highlighted is the quality that all these benefits help to generate in projects. In conclusion, the quality never can be compromised. All the advantages nearshoring has over offshoring ensures a high-quality standard for a price much more competitive than the North American market.