Overcome the challenge of finding tech professionals with the necessary skill set. 

Work with NTConsult, a nearshore company with 20 years of experience building and engaging squads with seasoned IT professionals for competitive rates and English fluency! 

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More than a Staff Augmentation Company – your tech partner needs to be able to add recurring value to you!

We are much more than a staff augmentation company, and we're able to add value to our services in so many different ways, such as:  

Allocating well-seasoned architects to help you and your team make the best decisions regarding the technical approach.  
Allocating user experience experts to help you design, prototype, and get the best products.  
Sharing our experiences of how to organize teams and how similar companies tackled challenging targets. 
Using AI components to accelerate the development process and add more quality and productivity to the overall process.  

Pain points – does this sound familiar to you? 


Not finding team members with the right skill sets for your projects. 


Working around the clock to be in your team’s time zone.  


Trouble communicating with your outsourced team. 


Overwhelmed by projects and not enough staff to meet the deadlines. 


Projects are running behind schedule. 


Your budget is running out. 

Don’t worry; we got you covered. See why you should choose NTConsult as your tech and business partner.


Top Talent Acquisition 

Our Talent Acquisition teams are experts in recruiting, selecting, and managing IT professionals. We have experience ramping up teams quickly and effectively even for complex positions. We also ensure quick replacement of any team member you consider unsuitable for your project. 


Nearshore benefits (cultural fit, same time zone, competitive rates, and English fluency) 

With our nearshore services, you can tap into a pool of specialists ensuring access to hard-to-find skill sets and top-tier expertise that we can provide in your time zone, for competitive rates! Our teams speak your language and will work on finding solutions while ensuring your goals are met.   


Knowledge of niche tools and technology 

With our years of experience, we have been part of many teams needing different expertise. We understand not just the main methodologies but niche technical tools. Our teams are well-versed in many different situations and technologies.  



NTConsult is known for highly successful global projects. Major international organizations such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank cite solutions developed by our teams as successful cases worldwide. 

Our Service Models 

Managed Squads 

We assemble, engage, deliver, and manage teams of multidisciplinary professionals focused on developing the best digital solutions, creating new sources of revenue for your business, and ensuring customer satisfaction, delivering recurring value to your organization. We guarantee squads managed by experts in your core business, maintaining a high level of engagement with your teams, as well as turnover below the market average. This service model is perfect to accelerate development and Go-To-Market! 

Staff Augmentation​ 

We engage technology experts on demand, working in synergy with your team to boost your business and solve your challenges. This approach allows you to quickly access specialized skills and knowledge without the burden of hiring and managing additional full-time employees – this way you can ensure cost-effective talent acquisition! 

About NTConsult

We are a global US headquartered technology company, recognized worldwide for our work with leading companies in key industries, providing squads with experts in software engineering and business process orchestration and automation.  

Our nearshore operations allow us to work synchronously with our clients' time zones while offering similar cost savings without the common issues with offshoring.   

Let’s talk about how we can help your company achieve its business goals.  


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